Gareth “Social Media” Morris 

Gareth who returns for his second season at the Team Wales camp and has now taken roll of Facebook Social Media and has been working behind the scenes rebuilding the new Welsh Federation Website & is now our Web Developer.
Gareth who works for & sponsored by TFGear in Brecon is very much a young and aspiring angler in the making and were expecting big things to come from him! With the backing of TFGear we are pleased to have him within the team. With his main waters being in Essex, he certainly isn’t one to shy away at the home waters we have in South-Mid Wales!
He is also a massive Mainline Cell & Link user and can 99% guarantee he has tons of the stuff in his buckets! Often fishing with a Naked Chod set up or Ronnie Rig in the height of summer or going back to basics with a simple Cell Wafter.
Do keep an eye out on the Carp Team Wales Facebook Page as Gareth will be constantly be updating & bringing you all the news from the team!