Stefan “Vice Captain” Rogers

Stefan Rogers joins us this year as our Vice Captain to support John.

With Stefan’s favourite venue – Yately Carpark, he is really no stranger to this water as himself and John are never far away from each other making them a dream team for the Captain’s positions.

Stef likes to keep his fishing tactical but stealthy in pursuit of some of the old warriors Yateley has to offer, commonly using his favourite rig – Slip D with a well presented Solid PVA Bag or Chod Rig. With Stef being part of the CR Baits Team you can 99% guarantee that he is using the CR2 Boilies matched with all PB Products terminal tackle right down to the mainline.

He is also teamed up with Castaway PVA & the n

ew kid of the block – Alpha Leads!

It’s no wonder why the in the last 20 years of Stefan’s fishing carrier he has spent his time fishing around the Colne Valley, fishing low stock weedy o

ld gravel pits to be rewarded with a UK PB of 36.12 as well as an EU PB of 48.14 and not forgetting, he most certainly isn’t shy of landing a few prehistoric dinosaurs from New Celtic Lakes.