Lee “Smiley” Baker

Well what can we say about Lee “Smiley” Baker

Likely the funniest, craziest & most loving character we have as a member within the Carp Team Wales Camp!

This year he has been selected to be the new Junior Team Manager, a massive role that we believe he will fulfil with all his wisdom and knowledge.

Fishing 41 years from the the age of 3 and targeting Carp for 26 years. Also finalist in UK Carp Championship BCAC. Finalist on a few occasions & 2 times winner of Welsh Carp Championship and still current holder of the title. Lee enjoy’s everything from big windswept pits to small intimate waters and very well supported by STICKY BAITS. When he’s not hauling out the leads, you can often find him really enjoying himself with a float rod happily fishing like a Garden Gnome, but just as happy fishing over bait or bits in the edge…..