Steven “Brownie” Brown

Steve has been fishing from the age of 3 when his dad used to take him to the quarry pool behind the family home and also up Llandrindod Wells Lake. With Steve carp fishing for 28 years when and used to spend all of the summer holiday’s up Llandrindod Wells Lake, he was quick to unlock the secrets of the depths and can easily pinpoint everything he needed to ensure was banking. Steve has also been competing in the bcac’s for the last 10 years and have qualified for the semi’s 7 times but have never made it to the final, but on 4 occasions have missed out by 1 fish. Steve has also had the pleasure to fish the Eric’s carp champs 3 time’s and made it to the semis on two of the occasions. He has also fished the Midlands carp champs 3 time and fished 3rd in the finals in 2018. Steve’s current PB is 29lb 15oz, something he was wanting to smash but not in a hurry, with Steve being more about the competitive side this can sometimes be tricky to break that point. Steve is also sponsored by Alpha Leads, DNA Baits, Reuben Heaton & Carbon Baits.