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Gravel Pit Success 

Carp Team Wales Media Manager – Gareth has managed to land himself on a new Syndicate, this being a 10 Acre Gravel Pit that has established its self over a 30 year period. With unknown amounts of Carp, it was by sure right up Gareth’s street to find there feeding grounds!

With the wind coming in on an Easterly, the wind was throwing the lake around due to the location within the valley’s, this resulting the wind sending movement all over the place, splitting the grounds of carp!

Two rods was quickly sent out into the depths of the lake, whilst the 3rd rod was carefully placed under a snapped tree branch that was giving off some Carpy Coverage, the rod was gently under-casted to the marginal depths of 6ft+. With the offerings being Mainline Cell & Essential Cell Chops it was to be sure the real spool screamer! And few hand full of Carbon Baits Hemp was scattered around to really get them feeding.

Over the duration of the first night, no action was to seen or heard. The rod was sitting and staying! With a fresh hand full of offerings and a little more hemp, it was this action that really got the swirls on the water down to the depths. With the alarm going, the spool smoking off line, this was by far a real Gravel Fighting Common Carp! It would not give up the fight without force! Eventually being landed and transferred to the sling safely, it wasn’t really until it was weigh-time did we find out “Who” it was.
The elusive 23lb Common Carp – BlackSpot. A Carp that very rarely seen on the bank and has always maintained its weight when it has in the past been caught.

Needless to say, hitting a new syndicate without much knowledge of the lake is always a risky move, but on this occasion, it certainly paid off to take that time to think around the swim and work with the water in front of you. It certainly won’t belong before the Winter Campaign starts on this truly magnificent gravel pit lake, who knows what can happen on the next trip.