Ethan “Ginge” Thomas

Welsh Carp Team member Ethan has been fishing since the age of 6 & ever since catching that first carp there was no looking back for him at all. With Ethan’s current UK PB sitting very comfortably at 46lb and an EU PB at 54, it seems its going to be a while before we another broken PB from the Wales Camp. Ethan is also heavily sponsored by Cr Baits, Barr’s Angling and Hybrid Tackle. There is no doubt that when asked “What is your favourite venue” Linear – St. John’s always seems to crop up! But you can always guarantee that you will find this guy fishing his favourite style, THE ZIG!

(Ethan also claims to be the only Angler to go threw 2 sets of Duracell Batteries in his Delkim Alarms during the 2019 Tri Services at Barston Lakes) Despite how much a big lad Ethan is, nothing stops him hauling in carp all day long when numbers and weights are needed!