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Welsh Federation of Coarse Anglers
2019  AGM
                               Via Video Conference
From either
                    Sophia Gardens Cardiff and Plas Menai, Caernarfon
                SATURDAY 11TH MAY 2019

Start time 11.00am

Please confirm if you will be attending the meeting, or send me  your vote(s) on any of the items listed in the agenda.


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2018 Carp Trial Entry

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9 January 2018

With a start of a new year we catch up with Carp Team Wales.

 On the back of their success in the home internationals at linear carp team wales have been gently restructuring to push forward into 2018 and beyond ….

So with great pleasure we announce that Nick Davies now takes over as Team Manager ..

Nick has been a stalwart of the team since it’s start and has been not only a strong competitor but also a huge force within the team.

 Nick has started as he means to go on and has aspirations to push the team forward expanding their match calendar as well continuing their drive on social media making the team as accessible as possible.

We look forward to following these changes as carp team wales move into 2018 United and determined.

Tim Jones has stood down as manager of Welsh Carp Team for personal reasons and will have no direct further involvement in the management structure of the WFCA.
The Home Nations took place at Linear Fisheries on the lake called B2, the competition was fished under the FIPS rule with Wales Scotland and England taking Part in the Event which was set up for its first year by the England Manager Rob Hughes.

The section draw took place at 8pm on the 26/10/17 with the peg draw taking place at 8.30am on the Friday morning ready for the match to start a 11am. There is a little story behind the finish time as we agreed to finish at 11 am on the Sunday making the match a 49hr match due to the clocks changing and not a 48hr as we would normally do in the UK.

This being the first Home international all 3 teams knew there was a bit of History to be made for the 3 teams and especially for the Team that was going to take home the trophy and the gold medals..
The line up starting from the left.
Joshua, Daniel, John, Nick D, Josh, Nick O, Steven, Ryan,
In the fishing pairs below.
Nick Davies – John Flewin
Steven Brown – Joshua Bowley
Josh Boyes – Nick Oliver
Daniel Townsend – Ryan Green
Reserve – Andrew Roberts.
We set out our tactics following the section draw on the Thursday night so our game plan was in place..
Following the peg draw on the Friday morning we believed Scotland had drawn the best pegging arrangement but as a team we were completely happy with how the draw had worked for us.

The match, fished hard by Team Wales we managed to get the first two carp in the net with Scotland managing to creep up close to our weight with their first two fish following not long after. Wales managed to hold the lead for the first weigh in but Scotland just jumped into first on the second weigh in by 2lb. At this point England had yet to catch and the points scores put Wales and Scotland drawing in sections with Scotland just holding the lead on weight count back. Falling in to dark on the Saturday night England had their first two bites in quick succession putting them on 35lb with Scotland adding another 12lb to their score not long after. The match remained with the scores as they were with wales just holding the lead up to the 48 hr point which was 10am on the Sunday morning. Our team wished that was the cut off but as we had all agreed to fish to 11am  so the pressure was on.

One fish in any section would of takes Wales out of the gold position, 10.57am came around for us to hear England are in, the floor nearly fell away for Scotland and Wales as we would have gone silver and Scotland would have gone bronze.

11.01am Mick Coxen the marshal and owner of the British Carp Cup walked down to me to announce us as the winners. Shocked as we believed we had gone to silver Mick said that was heart stopped gents England just landed a tench.

It was a scary moment but it was Wales for Gold Scotland for Silver and England for bronze..

National Result fished at Weston Pools

The Welsh National was held at Weston pools a premier fishery near Wrexham on the 24th September 2017. Although the South was badly represented they took the top two honours.

Cefn Fforest were the winners, Shakespeare Super BaitTeam runners up and Weston Matrix Leigh were third.

Individual winner was Zak Williams from Cefn Fforest

Runner up Carregan Parry

Veterans Competition Redhill Fishery 1/10/17

The Welsh Federation Coarse Anglers held the southern Veterans Match at Redhill on Saturday 30th Sept 2017.  The Individual Winner for the second year running on peg 6 was Phil Weaver with a winning weight on Pennies of 81lb 15oz fishing casters and using them as feed. Runners up were Ron Gibbs 66lb 6oz peg 31 using maggot,Third was James Smithson 65 lb 3oz on peg 4 using maggot and caster,  fourth was Richard Thompson 61lb 8oz on peg 33 using corn.  The competitors used a mixture of baits caster, maggot, corn, pellet, and paste.

The catches ranged from carp in double figures to some lovely barbel and excellent silver fish one net of silver fish weighed in at 27lb 5oz.  Section winners were: Mike Yandle, Mervyn Coombs Steve Lane, and Ray McDonald.

application forms for the upcoming Welsh National are available to download, please follow this link
Scotland are hosting the return match of Celtic Carp Cup on July 21st-23rd  2017, against Wales at Barston Lakes.  6 anglers from each nation will be taking part.Please get in touch if you need more information.
Welsh Federation of Coarse Anglers
                                     2017  AGM                                           
                                     Via Video Conference
                    Sophia Gardens Cardiff and Plas Menai, Caernarfon
                                              Saturday 29th April 2017
                                                   Start time 10.30am
Linked below are the agenda and reports for the 2017 AGM.
All representatives must have/bring the completed voting authorization form to the meeting, or details can be forwarded to myself, to issued with a voting card,  without the required details no card will be issued.
Individual members have no voting rights.


Nick Massey
WFCA Secretary

All Members:

After being approached by a members recently I have made enquiries and the following, contrary to what was originally mentioned will now need to be done to obtain a free Junior permit.

Natural Resources Wales do not issue the permits for Wales all this is done through the Environment Agency Rod Licence Centre in England and any queries regarding Rod Licences should be sent to the e:mail below or call the numbers below.

Environment Agency Email:

Telephone: 03708 506 506

Textphone: 03702 422 549

Monday to Friday:  8am to 6pm.

Junior licence are now only available on-line I’m afraid (you will have to register, and either print off the licence or write down and keep a record of the licence number).

In 2016 Cardiff’s Environmental Scrutiny Committee set up the Restore Our Rivers inquiry to look into the problems facing local rivers and to identify how these could be resolved.  To deliver this work they drew in the support of Dwr Cymru / Welsh Water, Natural Resources Wales, Keep Wales Tidy, South East Wales Rivers Trust, Glamorgan Anglers, Cardiff Rivers Group and Groundwork Wales.

To celebrate the work of the Restore Our Rivers Group and to raise the profile of the planned events for the River Ely Clean the group is running an organised litter pick at Grangemoor Park in Cardiff on Tuesday 21st March 2017.  The event will start at 10am and finish at 12pm.  A link showing the location to Grangemoor Park is provided below:,+Cardiff/@51.4569235,-3.1949402,16z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x486e0358b8211287:0x2f1de5be865ee095!8m2!3d51.4565841!4d-3.1907169

If you interested in taking part please contact Richard Bowen on 02920 873606 or email him at  Equipment for the litter pick will be made available on the day and the event will be supported by Keep Wales Tidy.  Those taking part should meet in the car park for Grangemoor Park between 9:45am and 10am – the car park is next to the roundabout on Dunleavy Drive.


An application form / information pack for the upcoming team trial for the 2017 World Carp Championship in Hungry are on the Competition Application Forms page


Notice of the 2017 Annual General Meeting via video link from Sophia Gardens Cardiff and Plas Menia Caernarfon.   To be held on Saturday 29th April 2017 to start at 1030am.

Proposals for inclusion in the agenda must be submitted via the clubs registered individual i.e. Chairman, Secretary, with 2017 membership number no later than Wednesday 5th April 2017.

 All club voting representatives to be declared by Saturday 22nd April 2017, and have full details of their clubs 2017 membership number for their votes to count.

Nick Massey

WFCA Secretary



The role of Senior Men Team Manager is an unpaid, voluntary position within the Welsh Federation of Coarse Anglers.  The position is available from September 2017 for one year initially and thereafter reviewed every 3 years.  The successful candidate will meet the following requirements:

  • Experience and results in the match angling (preferably with International angling experience within the last 10 years).
  • Previous or current team captain/management experience (ie captain of a club team – ideally, with a track record of success) and proven record in transmitting tactical knowledge to top level anglers.
  • Current UKCC Level 2 Coach in Angling.
  • Strong and open communicator.
  • Proven leadership and organisational experience (most likely through employment record) and experience of dealing with finances.
  • The Manager would need to use a minimum of 18 days leave (holidays) to take the team to World, European and Home Nations Championships.  Therefore, the post would be ideally suited to a retired person; alternatively, if still working, someone involved in the angling trade etc may be a good match.
  • Modest expenses for international travel to major competitions (World and European Championships) will be provided for the Team Manager.

Deadline for application is 17 March 2017.

Applicants should write a short CV to the WFCA Secretary demonstrating why they are a suitable candidate.  Potential applicants will be invited for Interview by a Panel comprised of members of the WFCA Executive Committee.

If this role interests you and you would like more information about applying, please apply to Secretary WFCA, 17 Gilbert Street Holyhead Anglesey LL65 2NR.

An extraordinary general meeting will take place on saturday 14 Jan 17 please contact the secretary if you wish to attend, full details below


Just a Reminder that the Extraordinary General Meeting will take place on Saturday 14th  January 2017 please contact the Secretary if you wish to attend and if you have a proposal.

Notice of an Extraordinary General Meeting  Saturday 14th  January 2017

 Via Video Conference from Sofia Gardens, Cardiff & Plas Menai, Caernarfon  Start 10.30am


To discuss the appointment of a new Welsh Senior Team Manager

At the 2016 AGM two candidates  where put forward for the managers post, neither had the relevant qualifications for the role it was agreed that they had until December 2016 to obtain the required qualifications.

With neither of the candidates obtaining the required qualifications they have withdrawn their applications.


With no suitable candidates within Wales the executive propose that the position be advertised across the UK.

Please confirm whether you will be sending a representative to the meeting.

Nick Massey


Back Row Left to Right Lee Edwards, Darren Frost, John Harvey, Ian Leach, Matthew Powell Front Row Left to Right Nigel Evans, Ben Roberts, Andy Johnstone OBE, Chris Jones
Back Row Left to Right
Lee Edwards, Darren Frost, John Harvey, Ian Leach, Matthew Powell
Front Row Left to Right
Nigel Evans, Ben Roberts, Andy Johnstone OBE, Chris Jones

WALES – CHAMPIONS OF EUROPE AT COARSE ANGLINGThe Welsh Senior Coarse Angling Team have won Gold at the European Championships on the Lage Vaart Canal in Almere, Holland.  This victory is only the second time Wales have won a major international competition in 63 years – the last occasion being the World Championships in Bulgaria in 1989 when the event was competed on a single day rather than the modern 2-day format.  To win the European Gold is considered as much of a challenge as winning the World Championships as the top 38 FIPSEd world ranked nations are European!  The 2016 European Championships saw 26 Countries assemble in Almere in mid-July to prepare to give of their best in the competition days 23 and 24 July.  Official practise commenced on 18 July and cased on 22 July.  The Welsh team had arrived on 15 July to ensure 2 days unofficial practise away from the match length that was closed prior to practise week.  Arriving at the venue approximately 750 metres from the match length for extra practise to try and get a head start, the team were greeted by the England squad already practising as they had done the previous day!  However, we were already clued up as Ian leach had taken a 5 day trip to Almere with his wife in June during which he was able to fish on the venue and get a feel for what could be caught and how.  Also, Ben Roberts had flown out to Amsterdam and taken the short drive to Almere just to watch a team completion held on the event about 3 weeks before we travelled.  These are two examples of the commitment of the Welsh team that allowed us to hit the ground running.  During our 2 days unofficial practise on 16-17 July, we caught plenty of fish and were already beginning to formulate an early tactical plan.  On 16 July, the team members practising averaged over 25lb each, with plenty of big bream caught.

Our accommodation was 20 minutes from the venue in a pretty harbour in the town of Huizen.  The team manager, Andy Johnstone OBE, had searched and booked this hotel back in December 2015 – it was in a peaceful location and with plenty of options for evening meals.  The team enjoyed the location and, surprisingly, we were the only team in Huizen (pays to book early).  There was even the occasional opportunity early in the trip to catch some predators in the harbour drop shotting with lures!

Early on 18 July, the team manager drew the training boxes for the week and official practise began.   We put into practise what had been learned in the days previous and as the week progressed it was clear that we were doing well in practise catching enough small fish (perch and roach) but always catching some elusive large bream (they averaged around 5lb).  Other countries were starting to comment on our ability to catch bream while they could not catch more than the odd fish.  The night before our last practise session we were able to identify 2 tactical approaches that had caught us bream throughout the week but not enough to be categorical about which was best.  Our last training box was adjacent to a bridge and we had noticed that most bream were caught near the bridges or at the end of each of the 5 match sections.  If we were fortunate, we would catch enough bream to be able to settle on a plan for the match days.  Three anglers fished for bream at 13m by feeding neat joker tacked up with grey leam and the other 3 anglers feed joker and a small amount of bloodworm in a soil mix.  The soil mix had been first used by Ian leach (nickname Wiggy) and became known as a closely guarded secret – ‘wiggy mix’.  After the 4 hours practise on the final session, the 6 anglers had caught 25 bream between them (the most caught by a country at any time throughout the practise week.  More importantly, the ‘wiggy mix’ had been proven to be deadly!  The mix was local molehill soil, terre de riviere, black leam and some grey leam to bind. The molehill soil was taken and riddled literally from within 6-8 feet from the canal and proved to be a significant constituent of our soil feed mix.  This coupled with the fact that we had perfect bait gave us much confidence going into the 2-day championships.  The team manager had decided to look beyond the official bait supplier for bait – Andy had fished the World Championships at the same venue in 2009 (along with Darren Frost and Lee Edwards) and remembered that the bait provided was of poor quality.  This time, Andy sourced a bloodworm and joker supplier some 75 miles from Almere.  A 3 hour round trip, the bait was collected every other day and was perfect quality.  It also allowed the team to have both Russian joker and livelier local Dutch joker plus Polish bloodworm.

Talk of our success on the last practise session was rife along the bank!  When the team manager (a military man) was quizzed about the Welsh team’s tactics, he could reply only with his ‘rank, name and number’!  Teams (eg England) were even asking friends of the team back home how we had caught so well in practise but all the team including our runners (Matthew Powell and Chris Jones) were sworn to secrecy by the Welsh manager.  We also had to catch the smaller fish well as there was no guarantee that every Welsh anglers would net a bream.  We settled on a couple of lines and elected not to throw in our feed on this near line.  We were also very precise using cupping pots for our bream line at 13m.  We had found through the practise week that we caught less bream when we ‘balled it on either line.  Our near line mix for the ‘silvers’ was mostly soil but with a small amount of gros gardons fine groundbait (sieved through a joker riddle before mixing).  Quantities of feed (joker mostly with some blood worm and a sprinkling of casters) was determined by the section drawn – as some sections had a bigger head of fish.  The bream line would be fed sparingly with caster catapulted out and topped up with the wiggy mix when appropriate. If an angler had landed a couple of bream, some finely chopped worm was also introduced into the top up feed mix.

Now the difficult part for the manager, he would have to select 5 anglers for Day 1 of the Championships and tell one unfortunate angler that he would be helping run the bank.  The decision was far from clear cut but the team selected was: Lee Edwards, Darren Frost, John Harvey, Ian leach and Ben Roberts.  It was Nigel Evans who had narrowly missed the cut; indeed, John Harvey’s bream 3 minutes from the end of the last practise session just edged Nigel out!

Having picked the team for Day1, the manager was off to the all-important draw for pegs for Saturday.  The 5 pegs out of the bag seemed to be reasonable.  The tactics worked a treat and every anglers fished a blinder – with 4 of the 5 anglers managing to catch a bream.  As the fish were weighed and points earned, it was clear that Wales had had a very good start to the two-day campaign.  As the results were finalised, Wales had won the day with 16 points – 1 point ahead of England.  Individually, both John Harvey (who had the best weight in the match on the day) and Lee Edwards won their sections with Ian Leach 2nd in his and Ben Roberts and Darren Frost both 6th.  Understandably, the team remained unchanged going into Day 2 as leaders of the competition.  Some thought that we may struggle with the pressure of being front runners but not one bit – our tactics, bait, tackle preparation, bank runners etc was all top drawer.  We just had to follow the plan, be courageous when waiting for a bream and make sure that any bream hooked were landed safely.

The bank runners (Nigel Evans, Matthew Powell and Chris Jones) had a critical role to play in informing the team manager about how each anglers was fairing as the match progressed.   Andy was literally running 2 sections as he got regular updates from the other 3 sections.  Sunday fished harder than the first day and as the first hour passed, we were competing well for points in 4 sections but Darren Frost was last in his with no fish caught.  We had plenty of time but Darren needed a bream!  Ben Roberts had a slow start on small fish but no bream were caught in his section in the first 2 hours (and only 2 pegs had caught bream there the day before – one of which helped Ian Leach to second).  John Harvey was catching the silvers but odd bream were being caught in his section too.  It was a similar story in Lee Edwards section.  The best news was that Ian Leach had caught a bream early on and was looking like leading his section. The manager was tallying the points and reckoned that wales were just about in a medal position after 2 hours – the mid-point of the match.  Every time a bream was caught along the match length medal positions were potentiality being won and lost.  News came in that Darren had caught a small fish but was still last.  Desperate times call for action – Darren was told to feed again but this time to introduce a little chopped worm.  Ten minutes later, the manager was told that Darren had netted a bream – he would now be at least 4th in his section!  Im told as Darren played that bream he could be seen physically shaking such was its importance.  More good news followed: Ian had caught another bream; Ben was catching silvers well and only one bream had been caught in his section; John was well up in his section with just small fish – although a few anglers had caught a couple of bream each; Lee was also doing well with small fish but no bonus.

Going into the last hour, the manager reckoned his team had around 21 points – surely this would be enough to retain a medal position?  Andy had made his way up from Ben (who was now catching roach consistently while other anglers in his section sat motionless).  Ben’s mum and cousin had flown from North Wales for the weekend and Ben’s mum acted as a very useful runner!  As I arrived up with Lee, I was told he had recently landed a 4lb hybrid.  As I sat with Lee, it began to sink in that we would surely finish in the top 3 nations.  There was 20 minutes to go and I wanted the match to stop!  Ten minutes to go and my phone rings yet again – what now, has another team landed a bream?  Excellent news – Ian leach has netted a third bream and is definitely winning his section!

The match was over.  I ran down to see Ben Roberts weigh in and to find out how may point he’d scored – a brilliant 3rd place with 2lb of small fish.  The run back to Lee Edwards to witness him finish 4th in his section.  Impatiently I awaited news from the other sections: Ian Leach is 1st; John Harvey 5th and after an eternity I’m told Darren is 3rd.  I count up the points and unbelievably we score 16 points as we did the day before.  Surely this is enough.  England are beaten I know but Hungary are having an outstanding day but, from memory of the results, they were back with 30 something points on day 1.  Other people are beginning to congratulate me and the other team members and runners across the match length.  Everyone is saying we’ve won the Gold!  Wales have won.

Gold                Wales             32 points

Silver              England         36 points

Bronze           Hungary        46 points

As we gather back at the official area to await the final results, it becomes clear to me that we cannot be caught – we are the Champions of Europe!  The record books will show that Wales were European Champions in 2016 – a little piece of angling history.

Individually, our anglers finished as follows from 140 competitors, with Ian Leach narrowly missing individual bronze medal:

4th        Ian Leach                  3 points

8th        Lee Edwards             5 points

11th     John Harvey             6 points

29th     Darren Frost              9 points

34th     Ben Roberts              9 points

The whole Welsh team on the bank were truly awesome!  I thank every one of them from the bottom of my heart.  The scenes of celebration will live for ever – what an achievement.  I must also thank our supporters back home: Tri-Cast, Weston Pools Fishery, Sensas, Sport Wales, the Welsh Federation of Coarse Anglers and our friends and, last but not least, families.  Most of the team assembled in Holland this year have being trying to achieve this for 20 years or more – at last, the dedication, effort, funding, self-belief and courage to keep trying has paid off handsomely!


Proudly reported by:  Andy Johnstone OBE

Team Manager Wales







Announcement of Welsh Teams for 2016 on Competitions Page


Click link for information of 2016 AGM WFCA 2016 AGM Notice (1)

8th Apr2015 AGM – The 2015 AGM will be held via video conferance from Sports Wales facilities at Sophia Gardens, Plas Menai and Deeside on Saturday 16th May 2015, starting at 11.00 am.

Nick Massey (via Nick’s email, please)  will need to receive notice of attendance by Friday 8th May 2015 to enable Sports Wales to issue relevant security access codes.   All items to be included in the agenda are to be submitted by the same date.

27 Mar – The latest dates for our Angling Coaching & Volunteer courses are:-  Level 1 Coaching Angling – North Wales at Plas Menai Caernarfon on 16th & 30th May 2015 – closing date 4th April 2015

Angling Volunteer Course – southeast Wales, venue to be confirmed, on 16th May 2015 – closing date 6th May 2015

Level 2 Coaching Angling – venue dependent on applicants but likely to be central venue (eg. Newtown) unless all applications from a more localised area.  Dates (this is a five day course) 1st & 2nd August 2015, 22nd & 23rd May 2015, 26th September 2015.  Please note you need to already have taken the UKCC Level 1 before going on this course or have successfully applied for exemption through the Recognition of Prior Learning Process.
Costs for all of these courses can be met through the Community Chest Grant Scheme.  Information & application forms – get in touch and I will send you the relevant paperwork.  All courses have a minimum number of participants before they will be run so even if you cannot make the dates shown or there is not a course listed for your area then please fill in an application so we can start getting dates for you.   Any queries please let me know, I also have the grant forms if you would like them,
Helen Pearce
National Angling Coaching Co-ordinator & Operations Officer
Angling Cymru
Phone/Ffon: 01970 820063

26 Mar –You may or may not be aware already, but below is a potential funding opportunity which may be worth distributing to your clubs:

Tesco Charity Trust Community Awards Open to Applications (UK)
Grants of between £500 and £2,500 are available to registered charities and not for profit organisations that are based in areas in the UK where Tesco has stores.
Funding is available to provide practical benefits, such as equipment and resources for projects that directly benefit either health, sustainability or opportunities for young people. Projects that may receive support include the following:·  Health:o Improving diets and encouraging healthy eating.o Involvement in sport and physical activity.·  Opportunities for young people:o Education and training programmes which develop key skill that prepare young people for work, no matter what career they want to pursue.o Support to vulnerable, disengaged groups and young people in long term unemployment.o Learning programmes for young people with disabilities.o Access to information, skills and opportunities young people need to start successful careers.

·  Environmental sustainability:

o Helping people reduce the amount of food they throw away at home.

o Helping people recycle more or save more energy or water.

o Local eco initiatives in the community that contribute to global environmental impact.

o Projects that encourage sustainable living.

o Wildlife conservation projects.

The deadline for applications is 24 April 2015.

9 Mar see Competitions page for report on SENSAS challenge final.

 5 Feb

Weston Tricast sponsor Welsh Team

Engaging anglers as citizen scientists

The Angling Trust and Environment Agency are working with Cefas to engage anglers as citizen scientists to map the distribution and health of freshwater and marine fish.  To achieve this they are developing a free electronic logbook (smartphone app) as a reporting platform, which they hope anglers will also find valuable for recording their fishing experiences.  To assist in the design an app that will be both useful for science and for anglers they are running survey to establish: what data anglers currently collect for themselves, how much they value different types of information and how willing they would be to share this data.

For more information about the project the Survey Link is

29th January

Below is a questionaire, regarding possible changes to the Welsh National Championships, please compete the form and return back to Nick Massey (Secretary), by Saturday 7th February 2015.   You may return the either by email, or by post but the deadline is definitely Saturday 7th February 2015,  Nick’s postal and email address is on the form.


27th January

Register now for the Welsh Carp Championships

Registration has opened for the 2015 Welsh Carp Championships.   The pairs event features 6 eliminators and a final between May and September this year.   The qualifying venues are Hendre Lake, Cefn Mably, Fendrod Lake, Lamby Lake, White Springs and the Birch Syndicate.   The final, held between September 4 and 6th will be at Cardiff’s Lamby Lake.   Entry is £100 a pair and registration opened on Sunday January 25th.   For more information visit or call 07450425344.

23rd January


Disability Sports Wales are offering clubs and associations in Wales courses designed to meet the current needs of disabled anglers.   For more information click the logo above to be taken to their web site.

Yns Mon Angling Association have been awarded Ribbon Standard for the work they do with disabled anglers.   The award was made at Amlwch Leisure Centre on Tuesday evening the 20th January.   Principle Sports Development Officer Sian Mai Jones said “To gain the Insport Ribbon Standard is great for sport in Anglesey and we are looking forward to contineing our work with Disability Sport Wales and local clubs and advance through the standards”.

19 th January

Welsh Teams have been selected to fish the World Championships, Fishomania, Sensas UK Challenge Final and the Home Nations Event.   More details on Competitions Page