9th January 2018

With a start of a new year we catch up with Carp Team Wales.

On the back of their success in the home internationals at linear, carp team wales have been gently restructuring to push forward into 2018 and beyond ….

So with great pleasure we announce that Nick Davies now takes over as Team Manager ..

Nick has been a stalwart of the team since it’s start and has been not only a strong competitor but also a huge force within the team.

Nick has started as he means to go on and has aspirations to push the team forward expanding their match calendar as well continuing their drive on social media making the team as accessible as possible.

We look forward to following these changes as carp team wales move into 2018 United and determined.

13 Dec 2017 – Tim Jones has stood down as manager of Welsh Carp Team for personal reasons and will have no direct further involvement in the management structure of the WFCA.


CAPTAIN:     Tim Jones

I am a 59 years old businessman and live in Welshpool. I have fished in the UK and France over the past 45 years; I have fished in BCAC since it began, also Eric’s Angling championship, but mainly fish in private waters.   I thought it was time to do something different to the UK competitions and decided to put a team together to represent Wales in the Carp World Championship.   The team that has been picked is a mixture of big fish anglers and competition anglers, the team is meeting up on 13-14th February, to compete in a 48 hour open carp match at Merrington fisheries. The team configuration will be the same then as at the championships.  The reserve member is yet to be selected; however we have secured a local water guide for the world championships, who lives close to the lake.

Tim Jones


  • Ross Partridge

Hi my name is Ross partridge I’m 36 year old and a scaffolder from Llanrumney Cardiff. I’ve been carp fishing for over 20 years, mostly weekends with most of my sessions fishing with my brother. My Welsh PB is a 43lb common called Ben, and my English PB is a 41lb common from Farriers.   I’ve fished in France quite a few times now with my highlight being a brace of 60lb carp and 61lb mirror and a 63lb common from Les Teillats in the south of France. I’m currently sponsored by Fox International and DNA baits, my favourite bait I’ve been using lately is the new switch I’ve just had my best winters fishing for years. My favourite style of fishing is stalking them from the edge but I also love catching them off the top in the warmer months If I had to choose 1 rig it would be my simple knotless knot rig blowback style on a long shank hook, I’ve caught hundreds of carp on that rig I would be happy if that was the only rig I could ever use, but I also favour the hinged stiff rig and the multi rig. My most memorable capture so far has to be my PB a 43lb common from Roath Park, which was my first ever targeted fish I caught. I’ve fished all over the country but the 1 lake that stands out has to be the famous Redmire where I landed a stunning 18lb zip linear. If I had to choose a fish to catch it would be any 1 that beats my PB, I been chasing that for the last 4 years.

Ross Partridge (1)

  • Spencer Partridge

Hi my names Spencer Partridge I’m 43years old and a painter and decorator from Llanrumney Cardiff, I’ve been carp fishing over 20 years and loved every minute of it. My UK PB is a 35lb mirror an 31lb common, I also fish France each year and been over 8 times now with my French PB being a 64lb com from Les Teillats. My favourite bait at the moment is the s7 and the switch from DNA baits I’ve lost count the number of fish I’ve caught on it home and abroad. I’ve fished all over the country but my favourite venue so far has to be the famous Redmire pool where I was privileged to land a few small commons from my favourite tactic is stalking them from the edge and actually watching the carp take the bait, my favourite rig has to be the shot on the hair rig and also the simple knotless knot rig, if I had to choose one fish to catch it would have to be the digital common from Les Teillats it goes over 80lb I’ve seen it on the bank and it blew me away.  Highlight of my angling career so far has to be the 64lb common from France when I shared the moment with my son and my brother.

Spencer Partridge

  • Christopher Buck

I am41 years old and live in Wrexham, I am an MD at Crosscut Joinery Ltd.  I fish a private syndicate in Wrexham.   I also sit on a fishing club committee.   I have completed in the BCAC for many years as well as other competitions.   The bank is my second home and I am always on the lookout for new waters to challenge my fishing capabilities.

Christopher Buck (3)

  • Nick Davies

I am 42 years old.  I am a Construction Manager for JR Pickstock Ltd.  My UK PB is a 52lb 6oz Common and my French PB is a 49lb 12 Mirror.   I have enjoyed fishing from the age of 7, it all started with my Granddad taking me fishing on the rivers and the passion      has just grown over the years.   About 10 years ago my wife entered me and Ches Boughen into the BCAC and that was when the match fishing started.   I have enjoyed fishing as many matches as I can fit in around work and over the years I have fished the Northern Car Cup, Midland Carp Cup, Southern Carp Cup Eric’s, BCAC and have managed to go to Italy to fish the world Carp Classic.   I am sponsored by DNA Baits and I am also sponsored by FOX.

Nick Davies (1)

  • Jason Massey

I am 43 years old and live in Cardiff and I work in the Motor Trade.   My PB is a 40lb Common and a 34lb 6oz Mirror.    My favourite tactics are whatever works on the day; my favourite baits are The Key, 4G Squid and Tiger Nuts.   My favourite rigs are the Blowback rig and the Combi rig.   I am currently fishing Farriers, Lamby Lake and the Warfe.   I am currently sponsored by Nash.   Having grown up very close to a lake I’ve always had an interest in coarse fishing from a very young age. I’ve probably been into carp fishing for about 13 years.  I fish almost every week at various venues around the country.

Jason Massey (1)

Michael Morgan

  • I am 30 years old, and live just outside Mold. I am a Technician with TATA Steel Europe.   I fish private syndicates, day ticket waters and I enter regional competitions.   I am proud and inspired to represent Wales and I look forward to making Wales proud.
  • Michael Morgan (2)