Ladies Tri-Nations Competition 2017

Tri Nations manager report

Anglo-Welsh Ladies Carp Competition 2017.

The Welsh ladies hosted the English team at the famous White Springs Fishery  Pontradulias Swansea in their annual international, on 28th to the 30th April 2017. The competition took place on the Specimen Lake.

The Team was ably managed by Gareth Oakes and team members were:

Pair 1 Natalie May /Captain,  Amy Jenkins:

Pair 2 Tam Oakes,  Natalie Chapman

Pair 3 Sarah King, Samantha Roberts

The venue has 5 lakes and the team were lucky enough to secure the specimen lake, which is over looked by the beautiful Welsh countryside.

The draw took place by the tackle shop and car park and the ladies went to their respective sections and pegs, both teams where confident with the draw but they were also aware of the hard weather conditions that they were to face.

The lake is not the easiest of lakes, it is known that some specimen hunters have not caught at all, but after the first 21 hours of silence the English ladies caught their first carp from the island peg 5, this was followed an hour later by Samantha Hoskins of the English ladies landing Hobnob a stunning 38lb common Carp of the same peg.

The English ladies produced another 3 fish off the same peg at different times during the competition and it wasn’t looking good for the Welsh ladies, but despite this they  never gave up and continued to work hard throughout the match.

With the scoring system the Welsh ladies only had to catch 2 fish off different swims to gain the lead or one fish to draw on points but the English would win by weight. Knowing this the ladies hopes where still high and fishing competitions can change in a matter of minutes.

In the last 2 minute of the competition the Welsh ladies Tam Oakes and Natalie Chapman where called​ into action by the screaming alarm of Natalie’s left rod that was fishing  out short of the island on peg 8A.

The horn sounded to end the competition but the rules allowed Natalie 10 minutes to land the fish for it to count. Under huge pressure Natalie played the fish until it was ready to go into the net and it was only when the fish in the net did we realise what fish it was.  The fish was the lakes largest Common Carp called Bruno weighing in at 40lbs on the nose.

During the tense battle with Bruno the entire English team had formed round the peg and all of them gave a great cheer when Natalie landed the fish with the help of Tam.

What then followed was an amazing sight the English girls congratulated and embraced Natalie who was what could only be describe as shocked due to  what this fish meant to the ladies, finally a reward for their hard effort. Natalie was totally unaware of the size of the fish she was just overwhelmed that she had done it for the Welsh Ladies.

Unfortunately​ the English ladies had won due to the weight of fish caught but both teams drew on points. The standard of fishing by both teams was exceptional, and this showed by the closeness between the scores.The ladies are now back in training for their tri Nations event in June against the English and the Dutch.

It is only the second Time for the two Teams to fish against each other and the Federation is Proud at the Welsh Ladies Achievement.  WE look forward to reporting on the next event.

The Team and the Welsh Federation of Coarse Anglers are Grateful for the sponsorship given by the following